The Existence of White Racism

Because of slavery and the state of racism in the world, people have beliefs that racism is the discrimination of any race except white people. This notion is not half wrong because most cases of racism involve discrimination by white people against other races. However, white discrimination is prominent in the society and is always ignored by not only those who participate in it but also by people who watch it happen. This is because a majority of individuals are of the opinion that ‘they deserve it.’ This, of course, is not true because if racism is to end, there must be equality for all races.

So how does white racism manifest itself? Well for starters, you find that in places where a particular race is native to treats white people differently and sometimes with hostility. White people have reported cases of discrimination when on vacation explaining that they got attacked, beaten and even robbed for being different. For those seeking employment in places native to different races suffer denial for the color of their skin and are surpassed even though they meet all the qualifications. They are denied these opportunities because of the stereotypes that surround our society. They are met with jeers and profanity in foreign places with the justification that they did the same thing to them once upon a time.

However, this is ignorance and should be met with disgust and discouragement. The issue of racism affects some more than others, but for everyone who it affects, it should be taken seriously. For the actual goal of equality among races is an equal chance for all people despite the color of their skin. White racism should not be ignored but should be tackled against through defeating negative stereotypes; while also fighting against all other kinds of racism.