What Is Racism?

The term racism signifies the superiority of one race over all others and that the moral and social traits of an individual are determined by his/her inherent biological attributes. This belief also implies that all races ought to be kept segregated, one from the other.

Racism in History

Racism in one form or another had been in existence right through human history. What decides racism are factors like colour of the skin, customs, language and so on. This evil practice has brought about numerous wars, its own legal codes, the formation of countries, and slavery.

Dare to Speak Out

Many people are silenced when the try to speak out. If you have a blog where you try to raise these issues you could be the target of hacker attacks. It’s always important to think about security, but if you are in an area such as this it’s vital to use services like Holmsecurity.com to make sure that you will be able to withstand any threat your online presence.

White Racism

It was with the advent of colonialism, that racism in its modern avatar began, to be practiced by certain Western powers on the non-white populations of their colonies. This means that Westerners played a major role in the history of racism as compared to all other powers, toward racial groups like Africans, Asians, and many others.

Justifying Racism

Towards the end of the 19th century, factors such as the gradual weakening of Christian belief, increasing immigration and Darwinism were seen by numerous Western whites as a challenge to the cultural control that they wielded over the “inferior races” with an iron hand. This has given rise to a phony racial science by many Americans and European philosophers and scientists to establish the superiority of whites. In fact, some scientists continue to maintain that certain races like the Blacks have innate shortcomings, in their genetic make-up. Ironically, this has resulted in the championing of Black supremacy over whites, citing the same arguments of white racists.